Ty Smith, Co-Founder of Crypico - the Top Cryptocurrency Freelance Platform. Ask me anything.

Ty Smith
May 10, 2018

After identifying a big issue with cryptocurrency adoption we set out to create a way to make spending and earning cryptocurrency simple. After several months of intense development, we released Crypico in Mid-March. The platform is 100% free to use and allows users to get paid in ANY cryptocurrency. Our final product is now the easiest and most popular cryptocurrency freelance platform. I'm Ty Smith, Co-Founder of Crypico. Ask Me Anything.




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Will there be any tech startup or blockchain based conference where people can see Crypico?
May 17, 4:41PM EDT0

We regularly attend startup and blockchain events, especially around New York City. Often, our apperences are not planned very far in advance so, unfortunately, I cannot give an accurate schedule. Best bet to stay in the know is following us on twitter at @Crypico

May 17, 4:57PM EDT0
What's your next milestone and how much time it would take for you to achieve that?
May 17, 4:07PM EDT0
Even though your payment module, when compared to another freelance platform, is different and more feasible, what assurance do you have or the client base? How diverse is your client base on the platform?
May 16, 9:31PM EDT0

Can you identify 2 keys, or more, to your success building a user base?

May 16, 3:47PM EDT0

The fact that I am so enamored by our project makes growth easier. I’m constantly thinking of ways to share what we’ve created with everyone. Crypico is not “work” to me.

More specifically, using Google Analytics has been very helpful. I monitor it 24/7 and it helps gauge the reach of our marketing efforts so that we can allocate our resources most effectively. I think having a free product also makes growth much easier. Our platform offers pretty key benefits to the cryptocurrency community at no cost so users don’t need to be “sold” on joining as much as a paid service might require.

May 16, 9:42PM EDT0
Are you exicted or nervous about the future of Crypico?
May 15, 10:24PM EDT0

Extremely excited. I’ve never been so busy and so professionally satisfied. Crypico is constantly on my mind. I think we have a really great team and I can’t wait to see where Crypico goes.

May 16, 9:28PM EDT0
How to get started on your platform? Can you share the steps?
May 15, 9:38AM EDT0

Absolutely. We've broken down the steps to get started on Crypico here.

We've also included info icons throughout the site to clarify any possibly confusing aspects of the platform.

If you'd like additional assistance, our support team can be reached at support@crypico.com or on telegram at t.me/crypicosupport.

May 15, 10:02AM EDT0
What are some of the crucial/important points that freelancers should keep in their mind while using Crypico?
May 14, 5:48PM EDT0
Why do you think is it safe to work through Crypico?
May 14, 4:06AM EDT0
If a person knows nothing about bitcoin. Where can he/she learn about it?
May 14, 3:44AM EDT0

I recommend watching as many YouTube videos as possible. I think that's the most time efficient way to understand the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole. There is a huge amount of free resources available online.

May 15, 10:06AM EDT0
Where would you say is a good place to spend hard-earned cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and why?
May 13, 11:53PM EDT0
Do you have an affiliate system or refer-a-friend program?
May 13, 9:28PM EDT0

We do not currency have an affiliate or referral program. 

May 14, 11:02AM EDT0
Why would anyone hire a freelancer on your platform and not over at elance, freelancer, or Upwork?
May 13, 1:37PM EDT0

The most obvious difference between Crypico and the services you listed is the currency of payment. None of those sites allows users to pay or get paid in cryptocurrency. Another significant difference is the fees charged by each platform. The sites you listed take roughly 20% of a freelancers earnings, Crypico takes none. This allows freelancers to earn more and, thereby, gives buyers access to lower pricing. I've outlined some of the top benefits of freelancing for cryptocurrency on our platform in this article.

May 13, 9:54PM EDT0
What exactly are bounty campaigns and airdrops?
May 11, 6:31PM EDT0

A bounty campaign is a list of specific tasks posted by a cryptocurrency company that, when completed, are paid in the company's own coins. These tasks often include jobs focusing on bug testing, social media promotion, and community development.

Airdrops are a common method used by cryptocurrency companies to distribute coins. The coins are typically distributed for free and are allocated based upon a number of possible criteria such as ownership of other coins or membership to certain platforms.

Bounty campaigns and airdrops are both often used to raise awareness around a new cryptocurrency project.

May 12, 9:21AM EDT0
What is the fee for using the platform for the clients and the freelancers?
May 10, 11:41PM EDT0

There is no fee to use our platform. Transacting on the site is 100% free. 

May 11, 8:29AM EDT0
Who is your closest competitor if any? How do you differ from them?
May 10, 8:30PM EDT0

what is the feedback from early adopters using your platform?

May 10, 8:26PM EDT0

Fortunately, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The ability to use any cryptocurrency with no fees is currently exclusive to Crypico and I think our users find real value in that. We are very lucky to have so many supporters that beleive in our mission of spreading cryptocurrency adoption.

May 11, 10:04AM EDT0

Who are the developers who helped you put this together?

May 10, 8:07PM EDT0

Some are saying that blockchain is nothing more than a glorified database and most projects by far can be done with existing tech, no blockchain needed. What would you say to these people?

May 10, 7:56PM EDT0

I would suggest these people do some more research. If creating a database that is decentralized and immutable is "glorifying" it then they might be right. However, there is so much more to the technology and that would be a massive understatement of the possibilities of blockchain. I can't speak to individual projects and whether blockchain is necessary to their vision.

May 13, 8:56AM EDT0

How do you address groups who get together to pump a coin just to dump it later on?

May 10, 7:54PM EDT0

Crypico is not an exchange and doesn't feature trading so I'm not sure I understand how they are related to our platform. Regardless, pump and dumps are an unfortunate but inevitable consequence of small market cap investments. As cryptocurrency grows, pump and dump groups will have less influence on coin prices.

May 11, 10:11AM EDT0
What is the future roadmap and vision of Crypico for the next few years? What is your next big goal?
May 10, 1:29PM EDT0
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