My name is Yael Tamar and I am a marketing expert focused on the blockchain space working with blockchain technology companies and ICOs. I also help other marketers understand the space, the types of content required, the audience and the go-to-market strategy. Ask me anything!

Yael Tamar
Jun 5, 2018


  • Blockchain
  • cryptocurrency and
  • smart contract-focused marketing techniques 


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Yael is the founder of TopOfBlockchain, providing strategic content and digital marketing consulting services for the blockchain industry. She is also the Chief Communications Officer at VeganNation, which is building a global decentralized ecosystem for vegans based on its own cryptocurrency, the VeganCoin.Full bio:  Yael has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and communications as the Chief Communications Officer at VeganNation, Director of Marketing at Billion Vegans and several more executive roles in marketing, PR and communications in various industries including finance, green energy and telecommunications. Yael has been providing social media, content and communications strategy and implementation services to clients since the early days of social media marketing in 2011 through the agency she founded called Digimark. In 2017, Yael founded TopOfBlockchain, providing strategic content and digital marketing consulting services for the blockchain industry. Yael is an entrepreneur who founded and sold a vegan food supplements company, operating in Israel, Russia and the U.S., and cofunded several tech startups. Yael has an MA in Behavioral Economics from the City University of New York. 


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How much of an investement should a beginner make in the blockchain/cryptocurrency market?
Jun 12, 9:01AM EDT0
What are some of the best upcoming blockchain ICOs using tech that will benefit people?
Jun 11, 5:07PM EDT1
Some say that the cyptocurrency market is crashing right now, how would that affect your business? How do you plan to prepare for it?
Jun 10, 11:24PM EDT1

It's not crashing - it is losing its appeal like many other markets when they come out of their initial boom having become oversaturated with companies competing for investor money. ICOs will become a less lucrative business for those who just want to make a quick buck. ICOs are getting regulated and that's a great thing. This means we will see higher quality projects! Yes, that means they probably will raise less money. I am betting my business on the rise in blockchain and blockchain isn't going anywhere. ICOs are vehicles to raise money for blockchain companies and I choose to help those I really believe will succeed to bring interesting anduseful products and business cases to the world.

Last edited @ Jun 12, 12:27AM EDT.
Jun 12, 12:25AM EDT0
In your opinion, what is the biggest threat to cryptocurrency market?
Jun 9, 1:17PM EDT1

The businesses who scam people by raising money and not building anything of value. The currencies are worth nothing without any business or technology behind them. You only need one strong currency, like Bitcoin, that the world agrees has value. You don't need thousands. That's why if a cryptocurrency desires to create value, it needs to have a strong backing in form of a technology or business model behind it - that's why I believe in utility coins backed by strong business. 

Jun 12, 12:30AM EDT0
Are there specific opportunities for blockchain technologies to reduce cost or improve customer service for these industries?
Jun 8, 4:39PM EDT1
If you were to choose, which is more important: efficiency of the marketing campaign or focusing on the quality of the product in the blockchain industry?
Jun 8, 4:34PM EDT1
What is your prediction for this blockchain/ICO business for the next two years?
Jun 8, 8:21AM EDT1

The regulation will force ICOs to become more meaningful, valuable and thought out. There will be less scam, but also less money raised. More institutional investors will get involved with the crypto market, which means they will expect higher quality projects. Blockchain will start taking off, slowly at first, as the industries don't have the usability tools for it. That's why when companies like iOlite ( will pave way for blockchain to become more usable and accessible, blockchain transformation will really take off.

Jun 13, 3:40AM EDT0
What makes investing in ICOs such an attractive business today?
Jun 8, 2:05AM EDT1

A simple fact that you get heavy discounts in the pre-sale phase and then in crowd-sale you get some discount as well and then when the coin is released you get a good profit right away. It's also a quick cycle of several months.

Jun 9, 3:09PM EDT0
What is the minimum budget for a successful ICO market campaign?
Jun 6, 5:04AM EDT1

In total? I would say a company should be prepared to spend at least half a million USD. Sometimes more, depending on how much they wan to raise and this doesn't include the tech development. 

Jun 6, 10:29AM EDT0
What is specific about the content required for blockchain?
Jun 6, 2:41AM EDT0

- Understanding of blockchain and its advantages- Understanding of the cryptocurrency market- Utility vs. security tokens. Token economics- Regulatory issues around cryptocurrency and blockchain as well (e.g. GDPR)- Security issues around blockchain and cryptocurrency- Industry limitations for the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency- Cultural references around this world- Political climate around the world of crypto- Ability to elicit trust with your writing because trust in this world is the most important thing- Ability to explain super complex terms to people who are also learning about this world, just like you- Ability to imagine the future and be innovtive. You won't get a full picture. The tech geeks won't be able to explain what's in their heads. You should be really good at guessing because you won't find what  you need on the internet! You should get really good at learning as you go and reading people's minds. And sometimes you write something and they say, "Well, that's not what I meant, but it's a really good idea. Hey, John, can we develop this?" ;))))

Jun 6, 10:33AM EDT1

When did you get into the blockchain space and when was the first time you bought btc or other crypto?

Jun 5, 7:54PM EDT1

Great question about buying BTC or other crypto. I got into it very late! I am an entrepreneur and I invest a lot of money/effort in my own ventures. I normally don't have funds to invest in assets outside of my ventures besides my investment in real estate. When I got into working on ICOs, I wanted to see how it works, opening a wallet, exchanging fiat money for Ethereum and supporting projects. I noticed some projects accept credit cards or Paypal and so sometimes I use that. I invest into ICOs here and there and I have some Ethereum in my wallet. I am not a heavy crypto investor although I am hoping to get into a bit more this year. So to answer your question, I opened my crypto wallet only around January 2018.

Jun 6, 12:36AM EDT0
What are some underestimated uses of blockchain in your opinion? Do you see application of blockchain in real estate and what if so?
Jun 5, 3:27AM EDT1

Definitelty real estate - one of the top markets. Anything that currently involves complex, cumbersome and lengthy transaction processes could benefit immensely from blockchain, and especially in places where things change hands - transfer of ownership , and in real estate things like land titles. However, what I think gets overlooked right now is certain smart contract applications that take into consideration uncertainties. Legal contracts don't do well with uncertainties in general. For example, let's take a will. When creating a will, you don't usually have a good idea of the conditions of your assets at the time of death. And you don't want people fighting over your astate ripping families apart. So ideally you would want to allocate assets to everyone according to your wealth at the time, e.g. if you have 10 million, it would make sense to leave a lot of money to charity as your family could do with a million or two per head. However, if you only have 2 million at the time of death, you may wish to leave it all to your family. You could also leave more to a family member who may need it the most according to the set parameters such as number of kids at the time. I think when people realize the power of smart contracts in such situations ( by the way , real estate has plenty of complex agreements based on land rights that change and the same would apply here ), this will be a booming industry we will all benefit from. 

Jun 5, 3:51PM EDT1
What is the general process of consulting an ICO regarding their marketing? Where do you start and what are the steps? At what point of development should a blockchain project look for someone like you?
Jun 5, 3:05AM EDT1

At what point? Like any startup that's looking to spend money on a consultant or employee - at the point in which there is a developed enough idea, excellent tech team and some funding. I can help develop an idea, business plan, marketing plan and so on, but in my experience, someone who has an idea and even has some funds but has no tech partner or a good tech team, will not be able to pull it off in the long run. Regarding a process - everything starts with a plan. I actually had a few cases in which I said no to a client and send them to do research and to my go-to partners who write whitepapers and create business plans (I prefer to come afterwards unless the project is amazing and they insist). For clients who are ready - I make a strategy and a step-by-step plan for collaterals, PR, releases (with tech team), roadmap and ICO milestones we have to hit. Then the execution comes and the most important thing for an ICO to understand is that the market is fierce. They have to have sufficient funds and the best market consultants available (legal. financial, partners who could intro to investors). They need to be ready to travel 90% of their time during fundraising. With those expectations in mind, you set out to do the job.

Jun 5, 3:57PM EDT1
From an investor’s point of view, how to tell a good project to invest from a not so good and a scam one?
Jun 4, 12:10PM EDT1

Thansk for this important question. I am not an expert on investing incrypto projects, but as an equity investor I always look for the same thing in ICO project - product story (how unique it is or even do I understand it?), market (size, growth), team (experienced, trustworthy, charismatic), plan (where this is going and how), who is on the advisory board and who are the partners. I look into the tech team too and sometimes chat with them - they are as important as the management itself. A scam project is also asking for way too much money. I don't see how a startup at a very early stage would need and know how to spend dozens of millions unless it's an exceptional case. I would be a bit cautious with those. 

Jun 5, 4:00PM EDT0
You have a health brand as well, how did you make the transition from health to blockchain? How do you manage both and is there something from running your health business that you can apply to consulting ICOs?
Jun 4, 10:29AM EDT1

I sold my health brand actually. I still help out because it used to be my baby, but I am full-on blockchain geek. I live, breathe blockchain and dream about it at night. Just last night a solution came to me in a dream :)Regarding running my health business, what I learned is that you have to eat your own health food. You have to full-on believe in what you're selling. People need to see you using your brand, advocating for it and loving it. You always have to be focused and together everywhere you are. There is no separate you and your business if you're in marketing and especially if you're an independent contractor. So be the best ambassador for products you're working on! 

Jun 5, 4:03PM EDT0
What are some good resources for newbies in blockchain and ICOs? Where did you yourself learn about it all?
Jun 4, 9:53AM EDT1

Learned by doing and by asking smart friends! Seeing a LOT of TED videos in the beginning as well as conference speaker videos. Sending lots of questions on Whatsapp to my more knowledgeable friends. My first clients were patient with me. I was lucky to partner with people who really know the tech well and were very patient in explaining it to me. There are lots of parts of blockchain and crypto I still don't know well. I research and I find there's even more I don't know. Today I discovered my gap in knowledge of the market cap, how it is calculated, how it relates to the value of your company or ICO and so on and I went and looked for ebooks and presentations on Slideshare explaining the issue. In fact there are many very useful presentations hidden on Slideshare! You can learn lots from them. I am also in MANY telegram groups and I see questions and answers in the blockchain and crypto groups as well as ICO groups as well. You kind of have to be everywhere but don't overdo it with reading the news for instance. Get one good resources you like on your favorites list and spend time in a good telegram channel. And feel free to contact me with questions at

Jun 5, 4:10PM EDT1
What are the go-to resources to market an ICO? Are social networks useful or personal contact is better? Do cold calls and mails work for that?
Jun 4, 8:10AM EDT1

- Telegram!- Cold emails and calls - definitely- Conferences but only if you set up meetings there first. My trick is that I contact investors that speak at these events and are listed on the site or those who live in the conference city. If you don't set meetings in advance, don't bother going - it will be just noise. - Crunchbase and Angelist are amazing platforms to get contact info (see who invested in what). Also paid apps that provide email addresses. 

Jun 5, 4:43PM EDT0
Do you represent ICOs on speaking events as part of your engagement with them or you just advice on what is best to do and they have to do it themselves?
Jun 4, 4:42AM EDT1

Yes I do! If they can do it themselves - it's best for them because they get the exposure. If they are busy or conferences are happening at the same time, I present. What's more, I usually create several presentations for them with topics to speak about - usually you choose a certain angle related to your vision and not really speaking about an ICO, more like speaking around it and mentioning it in passing. I try to develop 3-4 different angles for them to speak about depending on the subject of the conference. 

Jun 5, 4:14PM EDT0
Do you feel you are treated differently in the tech world for being a woman or would you say those days are gone?
Jun 3, 3:47PM EDT1

Hi Caren. I don't feel that way. But mainly because I don't choose to feel that way. If I notice that I may have been treated differently I choose to believe it was because I allowed myself to display a weakness. That weakness could have been lack of experience or confidence and it doesn't have to be my gender at all. Gender is something I cannot improve. But I can improve my confidence level and my expertise. 

Jun 5, 4:16PM EDT0

What are some notable events for a new blockchain project to attend? And do you believe those are more effective in promoting and networking than say online marketing?

Jun 3, 12:00PM EDT1

Events - only if you schedule meetings in advance. See who is interesting on the speaker list and reach out to schedule a meeting, as well as contact people living in the city of the event. Don't bother going if you didn't set up meetings. In choosing events, learn to smell the bullshit. You will quickly spot those who sell speaking spots and don't invite people who are useful to the industry. Look for reputable organizers. Contact me at I can recommend some events depending on your industry. For example, for fintech it's one, for a utility coin it may be something else. Online marketing is a must, of course, but the free version of it. Influencer play is super important - get to know them. Get interviewed for podcasts and Youtube vlogs. However, the most important thing will be meeting people and creating a community of potential customers. How? You can actually create events for them. Perhaps online events like webinars, or offline like parties! I love organizing parties. There are some groups on that will send out emails to their members for a little bit of cash. And there are people who will share your events because they are enthusiastic about what you are doing! Learn how to offer people what they need and they will help promote you!

Jun 5, 4:49PM EDT1
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