My name is Cayes Delpeche and my team and I are building a Quantum Secure Blockchain AMA

Dec 6, 2017

Hello to all, Idea by Design is a startup team building a Quantum Secure Blockchain, called Neunio, using post quantum cryptography. As we are currently developing this blockchain we are conducting an ICO to raise funds. The funds will be used to help us accelerate the development of Phase One of this project.

Phase 1: Exposure 

Most people still don’t know what blockchain is or what cryptocurrency is so we plan on creating a hybrid application that uses elements from the traditional way of creating applications and elements of the blockchain industry.

The first application we will be building is an AI platform, Neunet, that will intelligently match employment opportunities with talent. This platform will be created using unbiased algorithms allowing for women and other minority groups to have a fair and equal opportunity in the hiring process. This platform will help these groups and companies alike. There is nothing about this platform that uses blockchain. Now what is going to be a difference maker outside of the unbiased algorithms is the use of our natively built cryptocurrency token, Neunio. Users will use Neunios to for their membership onto the platform and to use features like applying to a job or contacting a top candidate. 

The first application to utilize the Neunio blockchain will be blockchain based system to transport sensitive data between employers and employees. As talent use Neunet to find employment opportunities, the next step that is required of them is to accept the offer and, upon doing so, providing the employer their Personable Identifiable Information (PII) such as their social security, driver’s license, bank account information, etc. quantum secured method of sending personable identifiable information to employers which will help companies and people become accustomed to the benefits of blockchain as they use it in this manner. This will help keep employees and employer databases more secure and private and will give ownership of data to the individual at the same time. Employers don't have to handle their own servers, staff, or pay vendors to host this information. Our blockchain will be dedicated to protecting this sensitive information. 

Phase 2: Build the community

The Neunio Blockchain will be used to transfer and exchange a multitude of transactions and does so using PQC. It is with this that we want to create an environment in which applications are built that require higher levels of security. The next phase for our project will be creating an environment where anyone who understands how to create an app or a website will be able to create an application utilizing our blockchain. Fittingly so we will create an “App Store” for our community to launch their applications and to engage with users. Similarly, like the app store once a user is logged into the blockchain they simply just have to download the application and they can use it without having to create an account as they are already signed onto the network and use their identity wallet for the application. Neunios will be used to do work on the blockchain and will be utility token for the Neunet application and for the identity management system.

Applications can be anything from and not limited to identity records, medical records, banking and finance transactions, anything that revolves sharing the identity or other sensitive information of a person with another party can be used on this blockchain. Security would be guaranteed not just by the technology of blockchain but also with quantum key cryptography used.

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How can your platform help me as a newbie to the market?

Dec 7, 5:30PM EST0

Well our platform will help you understand how to store information and what it means to own your data/assets. One thing we are thinking of having are applications that have use value to newcomers and slowly introducing more phases of blockchain so by the time they are using blockchain for everyday applications they will have a better understanding of how it all works

Dec 7, 5:45PM EST0

Should I have more invites to join the field before I can earn?

Dec 7, 12:14PM EST0

Not neccesarily.

Dec 7, 12:28PM EST0

If I put my money to invest in this kind of business, what is my guarantee of earning it back with interest?

Dec 7, 10:53AM EST1

Due to regulations from the SEC on ICOs, I can't personally or publically guarantee anything about investing in this ICO and the ROI. But what I can guarantee is that any early investor in this project will be investing in a project that is created by a genuine team that is determined to make this business successful.

Dec 7, 11:05AM EST0

How would I go about investing in your ICO?

Dec 7, 9:42AM EST1

You can go to https://neunio.io/ and invest using BTC, ETH, or USD with all the conversions there as well as instructions on how to generate a wallet because our blockchain is independent of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Dec 7, 10:31AM EST0
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What can your platform offer to a common Joe and Jane?

Dec 7, 4:56AM EST1

It will offer a lot to say the least picture an entirely new way of transferring information and data across the internet on a global scale.

But to start with for the common person it will offer a unique way of individuals being able to securely store their personal information (i.e. identification, social security, bank accounts, etc.) The great part about blockchain is that no one owns this information other than you and no one can gain access to this information unless you send them some piece of information. Which through our platform the transferring of such information is protected through the cryptography methods we are implementing

Dec 7, 10:30AM EST0

Do I have to be a crypto investor before I can use the platform?

Dec 6, 10:04PM EST1

You don't have to be a crypto investor to use the platform but investing early allows you to own more coins which will enable to more flexibility in the future uses of the coins.

Dec 6, 10:24PM EST0

What is the basis of the trading? How is it different from stockmarket's?

Dec 6, 10:02PM EST1

The basis of trading in theory is to partake in coins that help enable blockchain projects and incentivize the community to verify transactions.

Similarly to stockmarkets as companies add value in someway the value of the company rises and as such their coin does as well.

The basis of trading is in trying to capture the value in what are called protocols instead of applications. Currently the internet and its protocols such as HTTPS or IP captured and capture little value in comparison to the applications built on top of them such as Facebook or Google. Imagine if HTTPS created a coin called httpies. Doing so would allow people to help fund the develop of the HTTPS protocol as well allow early investors to capture the value as all the applications built are using this protocol.

In parallel that is what the basis of trading should be. However there are some coins that have been purely created for pump and dump schemes but they don't last that long.

Dec 6, 10:23PM EST0

If I want to get rich from cryptocurrency business, what is the best technique for me to make that possible in less than a year?

Dec 6, 7:07PM EST0

Mining crypto.

Dec 6, 8:28PM EST0

Since when did we have this kind of idea going on?

Dec 6, 6:34PM EST1

We thought of the idea sometime in August and began developing the project, in terms of actual product development, in mid October

Dec 6, 6:37PM EST0

We are still in dev mode but should be ready for testing the blockchain infrastructure soon and should have the Alpha version of the AI platform by the end of this month if not early next month

Dec 6, 6:39PM EST0

As a person with less technical know-how, would you advise me to venture into cryptocurrency? Why?

Dec 6, 6:03PM EST1

No worries and I hope you don't feel intimidated by the tech side of cryptocurrency.

As someone who, believe it or not, isn't the most technical I would advise you to learn more about the concepts of the industry and technology. Cryptocurrency is only one component  of the whole story. If you could compare it's like the dollar and the industry as a whole is like the global economy, it's very complex. People don't take the time to understand what truly is going on because everyday we hear a new story such as the price of bitcoin therefore most people who delve in the space are speculators and are trying to use the industry as a way to get rich.

But to understand what is goin understand things like cryptoeconomics - the economics of cryptography or decentralized systems, protocols, applications. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there but only a few are tied to an actual technology or innovation (i.e. Ethereum with smart contracts, and token creations, Ripple with transaction speed, or us with security). Ultimately I would advice you to understand the technology even if it's on a high level and then get into crytocurrency because then it will give you the benefit of deciding which cryptocurrency to back or invest in etc.

Dec 6, 6:33PM EST0

I'm sorry but I have some terms unclear to me from your description such as PQC. What is this?

Dec 6, 5:50PM EST1

Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC). Apologies I tried to edit the description but couldn't find the way to do so. If you there are any other unclear terms or if anything is unclear for that matter, let me know

Dec 6, 6:22PM EST0

Why is there hiring involved in the Neunio blockchain?

Dec 6, 5:26PM EST1

Thank you for your question. To be clear there is no hiring involved in the Neunio Blockchain. We are creating an ecosystem around the blockchain surrounded by HR applications we are using to bootstrap this blockchain. So to help you understand the distinction we are concurrently building an Artificial Intelligence platform that intelligently matches employment opportunities to talent as stated above. This application is not on the blockchain but will use our cryptocurrency as its business model. Users will be able to access the platform and use certain features by using this cryptocurrency and will allow users to earn tokens on this platform as well. This feature will be later integrated into this platform once it starts to gain more tractions and it makes sense to implement it.

The relationship between this application and the Neunio blockchain is that they both use the same cryptocurrency just in different cases. One uses it and will a part of the token economy while on the Neunio blockchain it is used as a work token.

Dec 6, 5:44PM EST0

I simply don't understand blockchain. Can you take the time to define this to me?

Dec 6, 5:24PM EST1

It's okay Vicky Ife, I was once confused with the concept of blockchain as well.

Essentially if you don't take anything else from what I'm about to explain remember this:

Blockchain is a digital collection of transactions and accounts for anything of value.

This collection of accounts is called a “ledger” and is secure through a decentralized peer to peer (P2P) network of computers called “nodes”. The nodes are controlled by actors called “miners” which are people who use their computing power to validate the transactions.

When someone sends a transaction, which holds something of value - their assets (i.e. money, information/data, etc.), the request is sent to this P2P network, where it is validated by the miners, and once validated the transaction it is compiled with other transactions to form a storage of transactions called a “block”. As more blocks come they form a sequence of blocks called a “chain” hence the name blockchain.

I hope this helps you be able to grasp slightly what blockchain is and why the technology is really transformative.

We've written a series of articles going more in depth for those that they may be new to the concept you can read them here:



Dec 6, 5:35PM EST0

If I have to invest at this point when the value of the currency is at high, wouldn't it mean too much money without guarantee?

Dec 6, 5:12PM EST1

By invest, you mean investing in this project? Also what currency are referring to I would assume bitcoin given its current value but I don't want to assume? But if you were trying to say that investing in us, given the situation surrounding bitcoin's price, wouldn't be worth it, then it's really up to your discretion. This is a long term project and just like no one believed in bitcoin early we foresee similar challenges.

Dec 6, 5:24PM EST0

I'm new to cryptocurrency concept. Can you explain what is Quantum Secure Blockchain?

Dec 6, 4:59PM EST1

Of course, hopefully I do my best in breaking this down in a way you will be able to understand.

A Quantum Secure Blockchain is one where transaction signatures are made using a post quantum cryptography (PQC) key scheme that involves lattice-based cryptography (LBC). The signing scheme currently employed in most blockchain applications, which relies on elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), will not be secure with the advent of quantum supreme computers.

If you've used current blockchains to conduct transactions (i.e. currencies, etc) you'll notice there are keys you are given public and private. These pairs of keys are used to make transactions and are based on ECC. A quantum secure blockchain replaces this method of cryptography with quantum secure cryptography.

Dec 6, 5:18PM EST0

I'm sure youve heard this question before.. how successful are you, have you made some winning bets so far, can retire already many times over?

Dec 6, 4:57PM EST0

Great question, success is relative in what sense are contextually using it in this setting? In terms of winning bets this is my first endeavor with a new venture. I'm still fairly young but I love using new technology to advance the human race forward so no matter what level of success I acheive I will be always be doing something to that nature

Short answer I suppose is I'll never retire!!! haha

Dec 6, 5:06PM EST0
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How will I protect myself from fraud and misrepresentation in this business?

Dec 6, 4:55PM EST1

Your information will be secure as far as you keep your keys secure, and you will have full control over access to your personal information through the power of multisig scripts.

Through the very use of blockchain technology your information is always protected and makes it very hard for cyber attacks to occur because of the decentralization of information. However with quantum computers they can easily be able to threaten this situation given the power they possess. Our blockchain uses cryptography that makes it even hard for these type of computers to attack in addition to the advantages of using blockchain technology.

Let me know if this answers your question especially with the misrepresentation part as I don't want to misconstrue your question

Dec 6, 5:09PM EST0

How can those who are not experts in Qantum cryptography get more informations about its development through history? 

Last edited @ Dec 6, 4:48PM EST.
Dec 6, 4:46PM EST1

There's a ton of information available via the internet as well as literature on the topic:

Two links you may find useful are the:

https://eprint.iacr.org/2010/428.pdf and https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/766.pdf

So lattice based cryptography encompasses hashing, as does elliptic curve crypto, as does AES/RSA/etc. Hashing is a subset of cryptography that is one-way: you put a message in, and you get a result out, but you can't go from result to original message. It's basically just squishing the message into a much smaller representation (64, 128, 256 bits etc.) that summarizes the information. If someone manipulates the information, say when you're sending data over HTTP, then because of the nature of hashing algorithms the resulting hash will be wildly different. A change in one bit (going from 'a' to 'b' in a message) will result in an almost completely different hash. So in the blockchain, hashes are used as addresses. You have a private-public keypair, you keep the private one locked in your wallet, and you give people the double-SHA256 (a hashing algorithm) of your public key as your "wallet address." When you want to transfer ownership of some amount of currency to somebody else, you provide your public key as part of the scriptSig in your transaction and reference the previous transaction. Then everybody partaking in the process will double-SHA256 your public key to make sure that you are indeed the person that the previous coins were given to. And you are "sending" the coins to another "address", just a SHA-256 hash of the next person's public key. So hashing is present in the blockchain no matter what, it's just a matter of what kind of key we're using. ECC keys are 512 bits, but the problem is that a quantum computer could perform far fewer operations and 'crack' the key (figure out what private key belongs to a public key) much, much faster than a classical computer (somewhere whereabouts 16 billion times faster.) With LBC, however, the keys are much more complicated to map together, and a quantum computer would struggle equally as much as a classical computer to 'crack' your keys (calculate your private key given only your public key.) So we're just changing the type of keys that are used to produce the signature, and the hashing stays the same to verify you own the public key that matches the address somebody sent some set of information/data/asset to

Dec 6, 4:57PM EST0

Do I need a mentor to be able to see success in my endeavors with cryptocurrency?

Dec 6, 12:52PM EST1

In my opinion I would say mentors definitely help but aren't necessary in the success of a cryptocurrency. What I've come to realize is the most successful cryptocurrencies are and will be the ones that tackle a real addressable market and have some underlying technology that has potential to scale. At the end of the day that is what will determine the success with creating a cryptocurrency, but as I mentioned having a mentor definitely would speed your learning curve.

In my personal experience I have not had any mentors and I've had to spend long nights and days researching and taking it upon myself to learn as much as I could about everything pretty much. There's still so much more to learn and for this I can see mentors being helpful but I wouldn't say mentors guarantee success they help accelerate information but at the end of the day it still depends on what you are prepared to do with such information.

Dec 6, 4:00PM EST0

What are the procedures that I need to undertake in order to participate and bid successfully?

Dec 5, 11:55PM EST1

In terms of participating the Initial Coin Offering?

Dec 6, 4:00PM EST0

If Neunios will have access to my personal information, what high-level security are you saying that you are going to implement?

Dec 5, 12:13PM EST1

Personal information will be handled using the quantum-secure cryptography applied in the core blockchain of Neunio. Your information will be secure as far as you keep your keys secure, and you will have full control over access to your personal information through the power of multisig scripts. If you or your employer choose to terminate your contract, or otherwise retract an agreement or job offering, both parties have the ability to do so, and control over your personal information will return to you. Changing keys through each change of hands will ensure your personal information is always secure to any past and future party, save for the single employer you wish to have access to your information.

Dec 6, 4:00PM EST0
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