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Vishal Gurbuxani
May 15, 2018

Thank you for joining my AMA on #Crypto. My name is Vishal Gurbuxani. I am a Co-founder at where we enable brands and influencers to own, grow, and monetize their social followings. is the World's First Content Creation Protocol on Blockchain. It is a content marketing protocol, built to reduce the friction involved with connecting marketers to the global creator ecosystem. The protocol handles campaign creation, payments, contracts, and content delivery, all by leveraging the blockchain. Feel free to join the official Telegram group, if you would like to get updates on the upcoming token sale or will have questions on how the platform works.

Having been involved with Technology for the past 20 years and sitting right at the Intersection of Technology, Business, and the Blockchain I speak regularly at HighTech and Blockchain conferences. I recently gave a TEDx Talk that has become one of the most viral TEDx talks of all time. Check out it here. I can be reached on LinkedIn.

Ask me anything about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, influencer marketing and how influencer marketing platform can connect brands with Influencers.

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What are the usual qualities one should have on his/her social media account for him/her to rightfully call him/herself an influencer?
May 15, 4:06PM EDT0
What are your thoughts about people who still attempt to fake success with fake followers?
May 15, 2:53PM EDT0
Don’t you ever get annoyed by the thought that so many people call themselves influencers nowadays?
May 15, 10:50AM EDT0
Who can use for their work, is registration open or there is some vetting process?
May 13, 10:21AM EDT0
Is there some minimum following an influencer have to have to be able to monetize?
May 13, 6:28AM EDT0
Did you work on the idea of on your own or you have a team?
May 13, 5:25AM EDT0
Is the system fully completed in terms of functionality or you are still developing?
May 13, 3:03AM EDT0
How exactly can influencers monetize their following on
May 12, 7:44PM EDT0
What analytics do you offer?
May 12, 7:37PM EDT1
Aren’t you contradicting yourself a bit in that you are calling out people to not be a marketer’s wet dream then influencers and businesses who would be interested to use are both to an extent marketers no?
May 12, 12:54PM EDT0
Do you think crypto currencies will be at some point used as we use money today - more to buy things rather than as an investment instrument? When do you see that happening in time?
May 12, 12:51PM EDT0
Can everyone get involved buy tokens regardless of their nationality and location?
May 12, 10:46AM EDT0
What is your current member base? How do you reach them, what has been most effective for spreading the word?
May 12, 9:06AM EDT0
What are the benefits of getting in on the pre-sale of the token?
May 12, 8:57AM EDT0
Where and how is AI applied in
May 12, 8:47AM EDT0
How is the quality of work controlled? Is it the client that decides whether it is up to standard and how are disputes handled?
May 12, 8:24AM EDT0
When did you first get involved with blockchain? Did you have any knowledge on the topic before that or you actively went out to learn about it to start this project?
May 12, 8:23AM EDT0
How is intellectual ownership of work handled?
May 12, 7:43AM EDT0
How familiar does one have to be with cryptos to be able to work on your site? Do you have to have a crypto wallet?
May 12, 12:37AM EDT0
How can a startup use to raise their profile?
May 11, 8:09PM EDT0
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