I'm Rafael, Marketing Director at SuchApp. Ask Me Anything About this Amazing Project!

Rafael Deramas
Feb 7, 2018

Today's messaging apps are fundamentally anchored to a very limited paradigm of one-on-oneconversations and small unstructured groups. Largely, they fail to provide the necessary tools required to foster community, stimulate economic activity and encourage lively human interaction.

SuchApp provides realtime messaging and incorporates powerful new features such as location based messaging, 4K broadcast video, granular security and powerful community and business communications capabilities.

Thanks to the integrated cryptocurrency ecosphere based on our ERC20-based SP token, users will be able to buy, sell and trade all types of assets and services directly from within the app.

Visit our website: https://www.suchapp.io/

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If you weren’t into marketing, what do you think your job would be right now?

Feb 10, 6:42AM EST0

is there a possibility that stocks, forex pairs, stock options and futures options will be able to be bought/sold using SuchApp?

Feb 9, 11:10PM EST0

Is this app useful when using crypto to make payments for online purchases?

Feb 9, 1:50PM EST0

Is this a free app or is there a certain fee users have to pay to use it?

Feb 9, 12:50PM EST0

Is this a free app or is there a certain fee users have to pay to use it?

Feb 9, 12:46PM EST0

How does this app work?

Feb 9, 6:15AM EST0

Is this app primarily targeted to those who use cryptocurrencies? Can people who simply want another messaging app use this as well?

Feb 9, 5:55AM EST0

How can you guarantee user security and privacy when using SuchApp?

Feb 9, 3:38AM EST0

Do you think Miners can take over how they mint coins with this App?

Feb 6, 2:53PM EST0

SuchApp is built mainly for its users. Although miners will play a big part in the system, it is the users that will hold SuchApp's cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Feb 7, 2:39AM EST0

What research have you done that helped you come to the conclusion that today's messaging Apps are limited?

Feb 6, 1:26PM EST0

It doesn't take a lot of research to try out these apps. We have a working prototype of SuchApp that we, including a select group of people are testing and I can say that it's better.

Feb 7, 12:16AM EST0

Is SuchApp just a website and a web form which an ERC20 token is bought? What is the outstanding worth?

Feb 6, 12:28PM EST0

As of now, SP tokens cost $0.05

Feb 7, 12:18AM EST1

Among all other names, why did you choose 'SuchApp'?

Feb 6, 11:34AM EST0

It's cool, it's short, and it's a good brand name.

Feb 7, 2:37AM EST0

Since markets fluctuate wildly, why Invest then?

Feb 6, 11:15AM EST0

Because SuchApp's SP token is a utility token. Even if the cryptocurrency market crashes, the SP Token still is a valuable asset because it grants you access to SuchApp's premium services.

Feb 7, 2:38AM EST0

How long have you been a Marketing Director? What challenges have you faced that has helped pep you up?

Feb 6, 9:33AM EST0

I've been in senior management for 5 years, and I have been running my digital agency on the side for 7 years ;)

Feb 7, 7:03AM EST0

Is SuchApp available for iOS, windows, and Andriod?

Feb 6, 7:51AM EST0

Yes, it will be available across all operating systems that you mentioned. Right now, investors are privately testing the android and iOS app.

Feb 6, 8:55AM EST0

Are you the only person marketing this App or do you have a team?

Feb 6, 1:23AM EST0

We have a team. Actually, we have another marketing director in the US, and I am the one for Asia. We both have our own people on board. The SuchApp marketing team is quite large ;)

Feb 6, 8:56AM EST0

Many coins are generating heavy social exposure and pump the price, in the beginning. Is the price accurate or pumped?

Feb 6, 1:14AM EST0

There are 2 things that you need to consider to find out if a token's price is accurate:

Intrinsic Value - by reading the whitepaper, do you think that the token will have value by itself?

Instrumental Value - is the token created to achive a specific goal, and will it be important to achieve it?

Hope that helped ;)

Feb 6, 9:10AM EST0

Why do you love marketing? Is this what you really wanted or did you just take it up as the available opportunity?

Feb 6, 12:34AM EST0

Marketing is a passion for me. I used to have a lucrative career as a web developer, but I just found that this is something that I'd like to be doing everyday.

Feb 6, 8:57AM EST0

Do you think the blockchain will see wide-scale commercial & government adoption?

Feb 5, 11:10AM EST0

I think governments will adapt eventually, but I am not sure when that will happen. 

Feb 6, 9:12AM EST0

Are there any real uses to Cryptocurrencies?

Feb 5, 6:40AM EST0

It depends on the currency. If a cryptocurrency is developed just as a currency with no other use, that's a red flag.

Some cryptocurrencies, like what we're making at SuchApp has an initial use, so whatever happens with token economics, the SP token will still have value.

Feb 6, 9:14AM EST0

In how many countries and languages at the moment, is the SuchApp available?

Feb 5, 4:40AM EST0

Currently, we are testing the app in English, but it will support most languages when it launches.

Feb 6, 9:14AM EST0

Which services (Facebook ads, Google ads, twitter etc.) is best for the promotion of apps? What service are you using at the time?

Feb 5, 4:09AM EST0

We aren't doing any app promotion at the time since we are focused on our ICO and general marketing.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool though. Depending on what type of app you are promoting, social channels would be one of your top traffic providers.

Feb 6, 9:16AM EST0

What challenges have you faced as a Marketer that has really affected your life, all round?

Feb 4, 6:50PM EST0

Frustrations and the ever changing marketing trends.

Feb 7, 7:06AM EST0

How do you track and measure SuchApp's app to app marketing and the web to app marketing?

Feb 4, 6:09PM EST0

We already have a solid marketing strategy in place, but we haven't released the app yet. ;)

Feb 7, 7:04AM EST0
What advise do you have for those that would love to go into marketing full time?
Feb 4, 3:30PM EST0

If you're passionate about it, then do it.

I was getting paid a lot lower than my web design job when I started shifting into marketing, but look where that got me today.

I was in it for the long haul and not just because of the income.

Feb 7, 7:05AM EST0