I am Jonathan Chou, Co-founder & CEO of Bee Token - Decentralizing Airbnb AMA. Would love to share a journey of ex-Google and ex-Uber employee's to democratizing the home sharing economy.

Jonathan Chou
Nov 20, 2017

We are decentralized Airbnb by an experienced team from Google, Facebook, and Uber. We were recently mentioned in Huffington PostBusiness Wire, and Morning Star

Bee is a set of protocols that includes arbitration, payment, and reputation protocols. The Bee Token will be used to power the crypto-economics behind each protocol and the Beenest (Decentralized Airbnb) is the first example dapp that will be created using this set of protocols.

Website: www.thebeetoken.com

Whitepaper: www.thebeetoken.com/whitepaper

Pitch Deck: www.thebeetoken.com/pitchdeck

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Is it world wise service?

Nov 24, 10:21PM EST1

where are you from ?

Nov 21, 6:22PM EST0

How did you get this idea?

Nov 21, 3:43PM EST0

What was your job at Uber?

Nov 21, 11:45AM EST0

What is the identity verification process like?

Nov 21, 5:38AM EST0

How will you popularise the service?

Nov 21, 2:49AM EST0

A combination of traditional growth hacking along with unique angles from the cryptocurrency side! Will be releasing a detailed business proposal soon.

Nov 21, 6:28AM EST1

How did you get mentioned in those papers?

Nov 21, 2:25AM EST0

Working with PR! More mentions to come!!

Nov 21, 6:27AM EST0

Hi Jon,

I'm a big fan of the bee token and I just tuned into the AMA you were in. When is your ICO going to be live? Will there be a pre-sale and is it exclusive?

Nov 20, 11:58PM EST0

Token sale date still TBD. More info on presale in 2-3 weeks after we clear legal issues! It will be open to accredited investors only due to legal reasons.

Nov 21, 6:27AM EST0

meant to say presale will be for accredited only, token sale will include everyone

Nov 21, 6:27AM EST0

Do you already have registered users?

Nov 20, 8:28PM EST0

public beta will be available end of this year! anyone will be able to sign up then!

Nov 20, 9:07PM EST0

How is your crypto currency different from all the others out there?

Nov 20, 6:36PM EST0

we're specifically tackling decentralized airbnb and all the infrastructure related to it. the utility of the token is now you can pay rent and find a place to live!

Nov 20, 9:07PM EST1

What is the most common misconception about cryptos?

Nov 20, 3:20PM EST0

people often think it's too late to get into crypto, i feel it's just the beginning - businesses and concepts are just being built on top of it starting now. ethereum just came out 2 years ago..

Nov 20, 9:09PM EST0

When developing your own crypto currency, what are the risks of the developers themselves (future security wise)?

Nov 20, 10:52AM EST0

do you know keeping the developers? just have to stay aligned on the vision and properly compensate everyone. there will be organizational challenges for everyone. in terms of technical security, we're getting our code audited by 3 separate security audit firms.

Nov 20, 9:08PM EST0

Can anyone buy bee tokens or they have to be a host/home owner?

Nov 20, 3:43AM EST0

anyone can! will be traded like any other cryptocurrency. potentially on exchanges first.

Nov 20, 9:06PM EST1

Are you related to Airbnb?

Nov 20, 3:39AM EST0

Our product is similar to Airbnb, you can think of us as a "blockchain-first" Airbnb. In terms of personal relations, we know a few people who work there but we're not necessarily too close with Airbnb.

Nov 20, 8:47PM EST1

Do you do your marketing in-house?

Nov 19, 1:50PM EST0

Yes,. David built shutupandtakemymoney.com organically from the ground up for the last  9 years and now is crushing it on the marketing side! We also have an external PR firm, Wachsman, and growth hacking firm, Multiplied, to supplement!

Nov 20, 8:46PM EST0

How much does it cost to build your own crypto currency?

Nov 19, 5:23AM EST0

Legal/Tax/Investment Banks/Marketing/PR - realistically probably 200k-300k+

Nov 20, 8:45PM EST0

What are the best and worst thing about crypto currency?

Nov 19, 4:02AM EST0

Best: fast moving pace. everything is always changing and there's so much to learn so fast.

Worst: volatility, what is true today isnt true tomorrow and that really throws a wrench in your plans when trying to build a business.

Nov 20, 8:45PM EST0

Did you guys build the software yourself or have a team of developers?

Nov 18, 12:43PM EST0

We built it ourselves. Our lead engineer comes from Google Cloud and AWS, our CTO comes from Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning from Uber. Really proud of our technical talent. 

Nov 20, 8:44PM EST0

Are you going to work exclusively with Airbnb or you are effectively a competitor?

Nov 18, 7:10AM EST0

Happy to work with Airbnb if they want to. We see potential for them to directly use our protocols if they want to! Otherwise, we're building a decentralized version of Airbnb that removes the commissions and makes peer to peer operations provided at no cost to the user!

Nov 20, 8:44PM EST0

What is the biggest mistake you made so far on this project and what did you learn from it?

Nov 18, 5:37AM EST0

Everything takes longer than expected. I think for us, it's about carrying through with certain actions and opportunities quickly. For example, we had a few early investors "committed" but when the blockchain space got shaky, they backed out. We should have moved quickly in finalizing many deals like this, whether that's on partnerships, employee hiring, deal closing, investments, etc. Everything has an expiration date - so we've learned to prioritize what is the most important and really go after it and follow up until it's done.

Nov 20, 8:43PM EST0

Would you make money with commissions or?

Nov 17, 10:16PM EST0

Cryptocurrency valuation is slightly different. Because we are a utility token, the value usually increases relative to the usage and not as much the revenue/profitability. That being said - We make the revenue work in 2 ways. First is the protocol layer, where we extract a fee to use our protocols similar to how gas is used for ethereum. Second, we will allow hosts to promote their listings to the top using Bee Token, similar to a yelp business play.

Nov 20, 8:41PM EST0

Did you fund the project yourself?

Nov 17, 4:04PM EST0

We are bootstrapped for now, most of us were well paid at the top silicon valley companies and have some reserves left over to pay for expenses. Additionally, I believe the hunger of an unfunded startup really drives us to achieve the best and keeps us on our toes. Look forward to our amazing progress and beta coming out at the end of this year!

Nov 20, 8:39PM EST0

Do you think cryptocurrencies have a bright future?

Nov 17, 7:55AM EST0

I'll try to make some unbiased comments right now. In Silicon Valley, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are one of the hottest if not the hottest topic in the space. One of the mutual traits of great projects is the ability to bring together excitement and almost a "cult" for the underlying technology. This is what motivates people to continue to build out the infrastructure and other key components.

Cryptocurrency behavior reminds me of the mobile boom starting from around 2008-2010. In my opinion, cryptocurrency will have a bright future.

Nov 20, 8:37PM EST0
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