Evander Smart of Bitcoin University will hold an AMA on Monday to discuss "The Future of Money," Bitcoin

Evander Smart
Dec 4, 2017

Bitcoin has just broken $11,000 USD and the world is buzzing about "The Future of Money," Bitcoin.

Evander Smart is Founder of Bitcoin University and has been living on the currency since 2014. He has been a Bitcoin jouranlist, writing almost 1000 articles for some of the world's top Bitcoin sites, including CryptoCoinsNews, Bitcoin.com, and Cointelegraph.

This AMA is the perfect time to discover what Bitcoin has in store for the world in 2018. Join us!

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What would be your advice for those who want to write articles and be successful?  

Dec 9, 4:02PM EST0

What is your viewpoint specifically on bitcash and iota, i will be doing what any good investor does and play the odds,

Dec 9, 7:37AM EST0

You wrote an article on newsbtc about bitcoin becoming more valuable in the future as the usd is eventually replaced by china and south american conglomerete economies If you can remember that article and the points you made, can i ask what your viewpoint is on gbp  (Sterling), as you may know we in the U.K are in the process of leaving the eu and would you agree that the points you made about the usd will be compareable with gbp?

Dec 8, 10:37PM EST0

Great Britain is moving much faster to ban cash than The West, so the need for digital currency there will grow much faster.  The government will bring about a national digital currency soon enough. This will make mainstream  Bitcoin adoption that much faster and easier for the public.

Dec 9, 6:38AM EST0
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How do I invest using bitcoin?

Dec 8, 7:24PM EST0

Start by using the free resources at Bitcoin University


Dec 9, 6:36AM EST0

I am looking for people to buy my Bitcoins - where can I find an online marketplace?

Dec 5, 3:11AM EST0

To sell a small amount for dollars, use LocalBitcoins.com.  You amy even meet the person in your area, which is the idea behind the site.  they can pay you cash and you can exchange the coins on your cellphones, with the proper mbile wallet apps.

Dec 5, 3:15AM EST0

If I’m not much of a techy person, what is the simplest way to learn about how Bitcoin works?

Dec 5, 2:46AM EST0

I created Bitcoinuniversity.online just for you. I don't believe there is a place online that helps new users get started quickly and easily in Bitcoin without intimidating them. Plenty of links, videos and advice that will get you comfortable with Bitcoin before you invest.

Anyone who invests well will tell you "Don't invest in anything you don't understand!"  Bitcoin University makes sure you understand before, during and after you start investing and using Bitcoin. We make Bitcoin easy!

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Dec 5, 2:51AM EST0

Are there any other similar online currencies aside from Bitcoin?

Dec 4, 9:01PM EST0

Similar is a very broad word. The most like Bitcoin would probably be Litecoin, which is effectively a fork from Bitcoin that offers 4X the coins and confirms transactions in 1/4 the time. It is actually a very wise investment, for the long-term. It can be seen as "digital silver" to Bitcoin's "digital gold" market position.

Dec 4, 9:06PM EST0

Do you believe that there will come a time when all online transactions are done using Bitcoin?

Dec 4, 6:12PM EST0

No, that will never happen. There are thousands of "altcoins" out there that will serve thousands of niches Bitcoin may not be best suited for.  Plus, the governments and "banksters" will make their own versions of Bitcoin, only not nearly as good, or valuable.

What Bitcoin provides is The Network Effect, the innovation, and the underlying value that drives the global decentralized market.

It is not the straw that stirs the drink......it is the new drink.  it is Gatorade in 1967.  It is Nike in 1973. It is Apple in 1980.  It is the future of money.

Last edited @ Dec 4, 6:28PM EST.
Dec 4, 6:28PM EST0

I’m trying to trade my Bitcoins to Amazon shopping credit - is this possible?

Dec 4, 4:15PM EST0

If you want to shop on Amazon with Bitcoins., I have a video that covers that as part of the Bitcoin university Pro Collection @ BitcoinUniversity.online.

I am updating the site to provide individual videos. 

Dec 4, 4:22PM EST0

Do you feel like that the rise of value in the Bitcoin currency is just temporary and there will be a significant decline soon?

Dec 4, 3:30PM EST0

The rise in value in Bitcoin is directly proprtional to its rise in use by the public. The Internet is still growing after almost 30 years, so Bitcoin has decades of mainstream adoption to come. 

We're just in the first inning or two of a 9-inning baseball game of decentralized global finance. You are in the right place at the right time.

The only question is will you take action?

Last edited @ Dec 4, 3:50PM EST.
Dec 4, 3:49PM EST0

Are there any legitimate video tutorials I can check out to learn more about Bitcoin trading?

Dec 4, 1:38PM EST0

You can hunt on YouTube for some. I have created 40 videos to educate new users about how to use Bitcoin like a pro at BitcoinUniversity.online

Dec 4, 3:47PM EST0

If I get started with Bitcoin, will my personal information including my name be visible to other people who are also in the Bitcoin business?

Dec 4, 1:37PM EST0

1. Bitcoin is not a "business," anymore than The Internet is a business.

2. Your personal identification is not directly tied to any Bitcoin transaction or address, unless you want it to be., again like a website or email address.  

Bitcoin is aptterned after The Ineternet in its decentralzied structure, so it has similar benefits and security features of any decentralized network.

Dec 4, 3:45PM EST0

Do you have to trade or sell your Bitcoin or can you encash it directly from the company?

Dec 4, 7:47AM EST0

Nicolas, you are your own Bitcoin bank, so do whatever you like! Those Bitcoins are yours.  

You dont have to exchange them for fiat currency. Why give up an appreciating asset for a dereciating asset? Now, the wealthy buy and sell villas, oil paintings and mansions for Bitcoins!

The rich get richer, eh?

Dec 4, 8:29AM EST0

If Bitcoin is at its all-time high, is it still recommended to invest in it now?

Dec 4, 7:23AM EST0

The best to invest was back when I got started, in 2013, or even before then. The next best time is RIGHT NOW!

Unless you want to wait until they are $20k, $30k, $40k apiece......

Dec 4, 7:28AM EST0

Is there a physical office I can visit if I want to speak to someone from Bitcoin directly? I just need some clarifications and I want to know about these from a Bitcoin employee.

Dec 4, 6:54AM EST0

No, and this is the greatest benefit of Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is modeled after The Internet itself. Can you go down to the The Internet office and speak to an Internet employee? I don't think so.

Bitcoin was designed this way, as a global decentralized network, so no government, central banks, or special interest could go down to the Bitcoin headquarters and arrest/eliminate/destroy/blackmail/corrupt it's leadership/board ofdirectors/President. Being decentralized means it has no leadership.  Everybody is the same. Everyone works to make the system safer, faster, stronger.

If you have questions about Bitcoin, I'd be very glad to assist you.  look me up on LinkedIn's search engine under Bitcoin or Evander Smart or visit my website, https://bitcoinuniversity.online/, to get more information, with free and premium Bitcoin videos and eBooks.

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Dec 4, 7:00AM EST0

Does it take time to learn and understand Bitcoin or is there a quick and easy way?

Dec 4, 2:22AM EST0

Getting started with Bitcoin can be difficult, or it can be easy, but it can become a rabbithole with many twists and turns. Imagine starting a new bank account in a new country where you don't speak the language and.......there is no Visa!  No ATMs!  You might find it very confusing to use and make work, economically.

That's why I created  https://bitcoinuniversity.online/.  No one else is teaching people how the Bitcoin ecosystem works, from soup to nuts. How to use a Bitcoin ATM, how to use Bitcoin exchanges, who made Bitcoin, why was it made, and how it compares to other economic systems you are already using. I take all the tech jargon out of it and make videos and eBooks a 3rd-grader can understand.

You will need a wallet to get started and I created a video that shows you how to satrt accepting Bitcoins in just 3 minutes. It's faster and easier than setting up a Twitter account! Visit  http://bitcoinuniversity.io to get started quickly.

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Dec 4, 6:52AM EST0

If I don’t have a credit card or debit card that I can use online, can I still start a Bitcoin trading business?

Dec 4, 1:46AM EST0

That's why Bitcoin was created, for people who are "unbanked" or operate outside the estab;ished banking system.  Bitcoin's ethos is "you are your own bank." The goal is for you NOT to have a debit or credit card, and to trade Bitcoins around the world with ALL people on Earth.

There are about 6 Billion people in the world who do not have proper access to banking services, like debit cards.  Bitcoin was built for you!

You can get a Bitcoin debit card, but make sure you get the right one!  Some are much better than others. I show you how to do this at https://bitcoinuniversity.online/

Last edited @ Dec 4, 6:56AM EST.
Dec 4, 6:55AM EST0

Aside from its current monetary value, why is the world interested in Bitcoin?

Dec 4, 1:12AM EST0

I'll make this simple, but there are over 20 reasons why Bitcoin is a valuable global economic network.

Outside of physical bartering, the world has no network of economic exchange that doesn't include a middleman or third party. Your government, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Western Union, etc. These are all corporations who add fees to your financial transactions, while making them slower, plus add Terms and Conditions that may stop them, period.

Bitcoin removes these fees, slower networks and conditions, and allows you to deal with anyone in the wolrd, directly. It is like handing cash, but you don't need to walk up to them.  they can be anywhere in the world, and receive it just like you are handing it to them.

Dec 4, 7:04AM EST0

Should people start selling their Bitcoins the moment its value starts to decline?

Dec 4, 12:36AM EST0

Novice investors do. Savvy investors don't.

In January of 2015, Bitcoins droppoed in value form $1100 USD to about $180 USD. If you had 1000 Bitcoins, at $180 USD, should you have sold them? Today, those 1000 Bitcoins would be worth $11,298,000 USD.

I explain Bitcoin investment strategies at https://bitcoinuniversity.online/

Dec 4, 7:06AM EST0

5 years from now, do you still see Bitcoin being successful as a business?

Dec 4, 12:13AM EST0

I guess you are saying will Bitcoin still be around in 5 years. 

Bitcoin is an unqualified success story, if it ended right now.  It has proven that you can have economic speed, security, and transparency, all at once, on a global scale, helping tens of millions of people.

Bitcoin is a decentralzied network that you can't take down because it is helping too many people, and you can';t control it.  just like The Internet.  You don;'t think governmnets have wnated the Internet taken down for the last 20 years? The Internet isn't going anywhere and neither is Bitcoin.

Dec 4, 7:09AM EST0

What are some of the best websites I can visit where I can shop using my Bitcoins?

Dec 3, 11:41PM EST0

https://bitcoinuniversity.online/ covers the top 10 brands that you use everyday that do accept Bitcoin, but a couple you might know include Starbucks and Amazon. You can shop on Starbucks with an app called Fold, and actually get a 10% discount on all your Starbucks orders.

The key is they don't accept Bitcoins, but you can use Bitcoins on their sites.

The Bitcoin community is very clever, full of some of the world's best computer developers and coders.  You can spend Bitcoins virtually anywhere, if you know how. 

Dec 4, 7:12AM EST0

Do you know of any online courses that offer all the information I need about Bitcoins?

Dec 3, 10:33PM EST0

I created https://bitcoinuniversity.online/ to fill this void in the market. It offers free and premium Bitcoin video and eBook content. We'll also help you get satrted accepting Bitcoin in just 3 minutes.

Dec 4, 7:13AM EST0

I am an online freelancer doing some graphic artist work. My client is offering Bitcoins as payment. Is it worth it or should I just get cash instead?

Dec 3, 9:39PM EST0

The best way for me to answer this is to tell you a story.

In Europe, there is a famous singer named Lily Allen. She is very popular a few years ago.  She was so popular in fact, that she was offered "hundreds of thousands" of Bitcoins to perform her hit song "Hard Out Here" on an online 3D chat.

She hadn't heard of Bitcoins and refused the at-home singing gig. If she had accepted the Bitcoins, and held onto them until today, she would be a multi-billionaire!

I guess it really is "Hard Out Here", huh?

The moral of the story is Bitcoins are an appreciating asset.  Dollars are a depreciating asset. If you can get something that grows in value over time, a wise person would do it, as often as they could. Get a Bitcoin address and get started accepting Bitcoin in just 3 minutes by visiting http://bitcoinuniversity.io.

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Dec 4, 7:20AM EST0

Do you think there’s any way that in the near future, banks will be honoring Bitcoin transactions over the counter such as conversion to cash and deposited directly to a bank account?

Dec 3, 9:31PM EST0

It is possible, but far more likely is they copy Bitcoin's very successful open-source technology and make their own versions of Bitcoin,a nd then charge you to use them. 

Bitcoin is not designed to work with banks, and really debank you from their system. It is an economic revolution. Why would they help you use Bitcoin more and them less? Why would you pay a fee to the bank and a fee to the Bitcoin miners? (Sending Bitcoins is not free.)

Dec 4, 7:23AM EST0

How to invest in bitcoin?

Dec 2, 11:58PM EST0

You get started with a Bitcoin wallet.  Get started accepting Bitcoins in just 3 minutes @  http://bitcoinuniversity.io or go to the mainsite, https://bitcoinuniversity.online/ for more information.

Last edited @ Dec 4, 7:22PM EST.
Dec 4, 7:24AM EST0
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