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John Worthley
Nov 11, 2017

Learn about ICOToday as it moves forward in developing the secure platform for token sale analysts, companies, and contributors. 

The platform has been growing quickly and received over 350+ ICO analyst applications in less than a week. ICOToday is developing the ICO industry's first ICO analyst standard by selecting 10 ICOToday analysts this week, a selection rate of less than 3%. 

To read an ICOToday Analyst Report, register and access it on the platform

Website: https://icotoday.io/tokensale

Pitch Deck: https://goo.gl/aERyie

Whitepaper: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/icotoday/ICOToday+White+paper.pdf

Medium: https://medium.com/icotoday

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How can I accept ICOtoday payments to my store?

Nov 9, 10:31AM EST0

What is a Bitcoin wallet and which is the safest to use in your opinion?

Nov 9, 9:21AM EST0

How about day trading crypto?

Nov 9, 5:50AM EST0

What is a public key?

Nov 9, 5:22AM EST0

How can I make money with ICOtoday?

Nov 8, 11:17AM EST0

Where are the best websites to use for changing fiat like USD and EUR to digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Steem?

Nov 8, 10:45AM EST0

What happens if I lose my ICO today coins somehow?

Nov 8, 3:34AM EST0

Who is in charge of ICOtoday?

Nov 7, 8:41PM EST0

Would you say that Bitcoin is fully virtual and immaterial?

Nov 7, 3:44PM EST0

What is Bitcoin?

Nov 7, 3:41PM EST0

Bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency, digital payment network that works without a central repository. Although it is not the only cryptocurrency. New crycryptocurrencies can be made through ICOs. See some ICO analyst reports on the ICOToday platform

Nov 12, 12:52PM EST0

How do Bitcoin transactions work?

Nov 7, 3:19PM EST0

You can read more about that here

Nov 12, 12:50PM EST0

How can I trade Bitcoin without an exchange?

Nov 7, 11:36AM EST0

You can use a OTC P2p method such as https://localbitcoins.com/ but make sure you pay taxes on these payments which are hard for the governments to track. 

Nov 12, 12:49PM EST0

When is it best to sell a cryptocurrency?

Nov 7, 11:26AM EST0

There are guides that teach you how, but it is not ICOToday's goal to endorse an expectation of profit or else its token (ICT) will be considered a security rather than an utility token. 

Nov 12, 12:48PM EST0

How do I know when it's best to invest?

Nov 7, 10:21AM EST0

Everyone has their own criteria, but you can read some ICOToday ICO analyst reports after signing up here which can help influence your decision. 

Nov 12, 12:46PM EST0

Why does the Bitcoin price change so much from month to month?

Nov 7, 8:33AM EST0

Bitcoin is currently undergoing massive increases in value holders and transactions. It is also currently undergoing a blocksize debate. The more contention with bitcoin, the more relevant altcoins created by ICOs will become. ICOToday hopes to facilitate the growth and strength by these altcoins. 

Nov 12, 12:44PM EST0

How is the value of a ICOtoday determined and where can I see it?

Nov 7, 5:36AM EST0

ICOToday is the secure, reliable platform for launching and directly investing in ICOs. Our value is determined by the societal value brought by the top ICOs worthy of funding. Take a look at our whitepaper.

Nov 12, 12:43PM EST0

What are the pros and cons of Bitcoin?

Nov 7, 5:21AM EST0

A lot of people know about bitcoin , but it is hard to create a project on the bitcoin blockchain. This is the reason why there are so many dApps created on the etheruem blockchain, and thus ICOs. ICOToday hopes to filter these ICOs to allow secure participation for only the very best ICOs.

Nov 12, 12:41PM EST0

Do I see other people using this tech/company in 3 years?

Nov 7, 12:48AM EST0

You can expect this platform to become live by Q2 2018. The ICO analyst feature of the platform is already up. Here is a guide on how to list an ICO on ICOToday

Nov 12, 12:39PM EST0

Worst part about using cryptocurrencies?

Nov 7, 12:37AM EST0

With so many cryptocurrencies and ICOs, there are a few that get by the community's filters. This allows a few scam tokens to exist in the markets. ICOToday hopes to deter scam ICOs and tokens by providing a secure platform for ICOs that can pass analyst scrutiny. 

Nov 12, 12:38PM EST0

Who invented ICOtoday and why?

Nov 6, 8:43PM EST0

ICOToday was created by Jo Kitonga, Xiang Li, John Worthley, Nader Sadek, Elorm Koto, and Alex Patin You can see the team ere: https://icotoday.io/tokensale

Nov 11, 6:20PM EST0
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