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Apr 16, 2018

Leonardian is a blockchain-based all-in-one marketplace for digital assets including software products and copyright items, as well as freelance services. It comes with the needed benefits such as low flat transaction fee, bulletproof quality assurance mechanism protecting all parties, efficient payment mechanism and full predictability and transparency of conditions locked in the smart contract of the blockchain.






Leonardian says:

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Would you recommend using VPN services for those who are into cryptocurrencies?
Apr 16, 8:00PM EDT0
What are the chances of data or privacy beach in Leonardian?
Apr 16, 6:15PM EDT0
What are the most common concerns/complaints of your users?
Apr 16, 1:57PM EDT0
How many users do you currently have at Leonardian?
Apr 16, 10:21AM EDT0
How is Leonardian better compared to its competitors?
Apr 16, 10:16AM EDT0
What do you think makes investing in ICOs such an attractive business today?
Apr 16, 1:08AM EDT0
What are some of the exciting developments happening in Leornardian?
Apr 15, 4:23AM EDT0
What main risks do you see for implementing an ICO project?
Apr 14, 8:16PM EDT0
By bringing the freelance marker place into the blockchain industry, what are the main problems you’re trying to solve?
Apr 14, 12:33PM EDT0

Hi Shweta,

thank you for your question.

The main problems we are trying to solve are high transaction costs and other inefficiencies in the process of approval of providers, protection of clients, as well as payment delays and withdrawal barriers.

Apr 14, 2:18PM EDT0
How do you think that crypto currencies are effecting the economy?
Apr 14, 4:37AM EDT0
Do you ever feel the pressure of the responsibility that comes with running a crypto currency and how do you handle that?
Apr 14, 3:09AM EDT0
What are some of your ways of assuring quality in your company and what are your contingency plans?
Apr 13, 2:02PM EDT0
How popular do you believe this currancy will be and how do you expect this popularity to grow in the future?
Apr 13, 5:03AM EDT0

Hi Sc9zist,

Thank you for you question.

Considering the estimations for the market and the growing demand for digital assets and services our forecast predicts the following usage of the platform: In the first year there will be marginal usage of the platform both on the side of clients and providers. Since the platform is covering a wide range of products and services from small items for sale to service contracts, the range of value per transaction will be extremely wide. However we assume a quite conservative average value of USD 50

Apr 18, 9:07AM EDT0
What do you think about the public attitude towards crypto and Blockchain? How do you see it evolving in today's time?
Apr 12, 9:00AM EDT0
Leonardian is perhaps the first of an ICO to focus on freelance services, so how would you evaluate the project? What actually attracted your attention?
Apr 12, 4:23AM EDT0
What is your big dream for Leonardian?
Apr 11, 8:50PM EDT0
What is the most difficult challenge facing Leornardian right now?
Apr 10, 2:46AM EDT0

Hello Mathithiru, 

Thank you for you question, 

The hardest problems which we are trying to solve are with self-regulation of the platform and right balance of fees and self operation.

We are testing with different simulations and models. Once we are ready with optimal one, we will anounce it. Please subscribe for our newsletter. We are sending monthly updates.

Apr 11, 2:42AM EDT0
Do you think this is an attractive asset for wealth managers at Leornardian?
Apr 10, 2:02AM EDT0


What exactly do you mean?

Apr 10, 2:27AM EDT0
What excites you most about the crypto space right now?
Apr 9, 11:36PM EDT0
What does the Leornardian roadmap and vision consist of for the next few years?
Apr 9, 11:43AM EDT0


Thank you for you question,

Here is the plan for next months/years:

Q2+Q3 2017 – Market research and project definition

Q4 2017 – ICO preparation + start of initial development

Q2 + Q3 2018 – Pre-ICO + ICO

Q3 + Q4 2018 – Development + first registrations

Q1 2019 – Beta version

Q2 + Q3 2019 – Stable version v1

Q3 + Q4 2019 – Massive advertising

Q4 – 2019 – Stable version v2

Apr 10, 2:03AM EDT0
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