AMA-About how to bend the law but dont ask me anything about breaking the law

Suril N Desai
Dec 1, 2017

As a lawyer my dream clients would be 

1. Jullian Assange

2. Edward Snowden

3. Ross Ulbricht 

4. Kim Dotcom

5. Gottfrid Svartholm

I live in Mumbai India. I have a degree in Advanced Legal  Studies in Counter-Terrorism. 

I am intrigued by hackers 

I can talk about bitcoins for days 

So shoot away with your questions 

No question is stupid 

Ask me anything 


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How will you handle a very high-profile client knowing the amount of exposure and scruitiny of the public?

Dec 2, 9:33PM EST0

Whats your dream job?

Dec 1, 12:31PM EST0

Have you ever thought about joining politics, planning to run for office?

Dec 1, 10:10AM EST0

many times 

Dec 1, 10:46AM EST0
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How can you possibly serve your dream clients?

Dec 1, 6:14AM EST0

good question. i am not sure but maybe this AMAfeed could take me one step closer to them 

Dec 1, 9:47AM EST0

How long have you been engaging in bitcoin activities or trading?

Dec 1, 12:52AM EST0

i do not trade in bitcoins. i only try to understand the philosophical underpinnings of bitcoins 

Dec 1, 9:46AM EST0

Its magic.. walla. I said it all.

Dec 1, 10:41AM EST0

What law are you particularly bending for your bitcoin endeavors?

Dec 1, 12:46AM EST0

when i say bending what i mean is challenging. 

there are several issues when comes to bitcoins

are they a currency? 

are they a software?

are they a stock/security etc? 

they mean so many things 

Dec 1, 9:46AM EST0

Why did you choose to take up Legal Studies in Counter-Terrorism?

Dec 1, 12:36AM EST0

it is the most important global issue of our times and the funniest thing is there is no clear definition of what a terrorist is. and in absence of a defination there can be no law

Dec 1, 9:44AM EST0

How financially rewarding is law practice in India?

Nov 30, 8:44PM EST0

it can be extremely rewarding if you are good at it

Dec 1, 9:37AM EST0

How did you end up with bitcoins when you're supposed to be overwhelmed by suits and other legal concerns?

Nov 30, 8:43PM EST0

i do have free time :) and i chanced upon it by accident. 

Dec 1, 9:36AM EST0

Why do you find bitcoin as a good business?

Nov 30, 7:35PM EST0

i find bitcoins interesting and exciting having seen them increase in value from practicly nothing to $10,000. In the beginining i never thought of them as business because nobody believed everyone is chasing them. I would say that makes it a Risky Business for the new comers and Good Business for the ones who have been in it for a long time

Dec 1, 9:35AM EST0

Are you practicing with a law firm or independently?

Nov 30, 5:09PM EST0

with a law firm

Dec 1, 9:14AM EST0

Are bitcoins legal?

Nov 30, 7:37AM EST0

yes they are legal 

Dec 1, 9:14AM EST0

Can you relate to some situations in the Suits TV Series?

Nov 26, 9:56PM EST0

Yes..very closely...the difference is my father is the founder of the firm.

Nov 27, 2:08AM EST0

What is the common factor shared by everyone on the list for your dream clients?

Nov 26, 1:19PM EST0

The have shaken the established order of status quo and challenged the current imperfect global order

Nov 26, 8:06PM EST0

What do you want to do in relevance to your degree earned?

Nov 26, 12:25PM EST0

Help in furthering the cause for Human Rights, Hacktivism , Ownership of data- I believe that the people should own their personal data and should be able to profit from it just as companies do

Nov 26, 8:03PM EST0

If you are to choose one place outside of India to flourish with your practice, where will it be and why?

Nov 25, 1:55PM EST0

There are quite a few places ..Mauritius is up on top.. But my firm does have offices in Silicon Valley, Germany and Singapore already along with 3 offices in India- Bombay Bangalore and Delhi 

Nov 26, 8:01PM EST0

How long have you been doing your bitcoin business?

Nov 25, 11:02AM EST0

I have been involved in the space since 2011 as a researcher and the first clients came in 2013 for legal advice

Nov 26, 7:57PM EST0

If you're not teaching us how to break the law, then how do we bend the law?

Nov 25, 9:52AM EST0

If you look at how the new age businesses like Uber and Air BnB and cryptocurrencies operate and study their business models you will notice that in their business plans the cost of changing the law is a part of their business plan. Google "regulatory entrepreneurship" you will find a paper by Elizabeth Pullman I 

Nov 26, 7:56PM EST0

Do you also represent clients with legal issues from cryptocurrencies or bitcoin?

Nov 24, 4:40PM EST0
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