AMA about Dubai's Digital city or concept Dubai Real Estate Development — DubaiReDev Token on Ethereum “We believe Real Estate on blockchain platform for extra security in highly volatile cryptomarket is very on time!!!”

Alex ReDev
Nov 27, 2017

Dubai is Great City!

Dubai Real Estate Development  Platform(DApp)— base on DubaiReDev Token on Ethereum


we looking motivated investors and buyers for:

Direct deal for ICO and Real Estate from DubaiReDev Group UAE Successful,Experienced 15 years RE developer with solid reputation,we specialize on affordable middle class residential apartments,we accept Cryptocurrencies as one of the form of the payment.

We build high end INTERNET platform (DubaiReDev DApp)base on blockchain technology/smart contracts for avoid middleman in between developer and end buyer,seller and investor ,etc. ,bring the modern, up to date engine to speed up of the process for selling/buying/trading/advertising recording ,secure,transparency & etc. for all transactions,which could done without leaving from comfortable place, where You are at the moment! anywhere -anytime-any currency and that would be done in few minutes …

we’ll start from Dubai and expand Globally,our nearest goal to present that on Dubai Expo 2020 when that First World’s City become fully digital(concept 2020).


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How difficult is it to run your own business?

Dec 4, 12:09PM EST0

very,but we can handle this,our team have 49 years combine international development experience all together,our IT team already perform several crypto projects successfully.

Dec 4, 12:48PM EST0

What kind of a crypto currency do you use in your business?

Dec 3, 11:11PM EST0

DRD Token base on Ethereum,that would part of our ecosystem!,it's all about business described below in this AMA

Dec 4, 9:47AM EST0

How do you cope with a competition in the market?

Dec 3, 8:14PM EST0

competition is always good for the customers,help to improve our business too,we always looking the best way to decrease overheads,by: hiring professionals,obtain new technologies in construction,find better solutions for supply, and many more...

actually this DubaiReDev Platform DApp best solution for become a leader ,new way to see future's RE business,no one doing that yet!

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Dec 3, 8:24PM EST0

What is its ROI?

Dec 2, 11:13PM EST0

we have 2 flow in the business one is developers side ROI(restricted for sharing, unless you are an investor/partner) we was profitable, even global financial crash in period of 2008-2011.

Another DubaiReDev Platform's business activity ,which is not been establish yet,we just continuously investing our own money for develop that platform,infrastructure,marketing resources ,etc,it's would available after one year of operation(but first year  usually it's not the best indicator),but we would like to tell,technical support , platforms operational lower that regular way of purchasing/selling ,low overheads,because a lot of automatizations,only marketing from beginning at the same level(traditional) of expenses,cut off middle man's who is involve or lower amount of them,system more effective and presumable we will get profit faster than companies doing this with traditional resources...

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Dec 3, 12:37PM EST0

What is a crypto currency? Why is its popularity so high today?

Dec 1, 12:39PM EST0

Cryptocurrency its digital money which do not control with any government,unless  issued by government(Dubai's official  cryptocurrentcy EmCash,they propose to accept any payments such as: taxes,fees,etc for support their digital city concept 2020)

totally decentralize,not belong to anyone, if they already in the ecosystem,whole supportive by trust,by influences,by existent value or expectations and by members whom accepting that ...its new era upcoming for the way to make payments or get paid ,finance,lending  any transactions can stay anonymous and highly secure at the same time...

Its new technologies ,new opportunities, new disruptive way to create new businesses ...existent  system would not be the same anymore as we see...its like early internet before anyone recognized such tremendous opportunity...

Popularity-because some cryptos made people real millionaires/billionaires and still creat those everyday,Some Cryptos appreciate for 500% to 70,000% and that is not the limits!

If you own cryptocurrency  you can pay to anyone, anytime,from anywhere without any ID involve ,no borders,no government,no banks involve...its just 2(or more) members of this transaction payer and receiver,and platform (cryptowallet for example) You need internet access and digital device which can support that simple action and that it! practically without or little fee, within few seconds up to few minutes,do you imagine of that?we do! 

we do deal with international wires every time its painful,costly,non convenient,and slow,they highly regulated and very limited...

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Dec 1, 6:23PM EST0

Will you also offer renting properties or just sell/buy?

Dec 1, 11:10AM EST0

Sure that is design to buy/sell/lease/forward-transfer(will,gift etc)/use as collateral/finance/invest and other choices ... can do with anything ,but tangible .

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Dec 1, 5:42PM EST0

How do you promote your company on the market?

Dec 1, 9:48AM EST0

SMM,TV,all available media ,personal contacts etc...its very costly,but works

Dec 1, 6:25PM EST0

Why did you choose for yourself the real estate industry?

Nov 30, 5:03PM EST0

You know what is that mean  Real Estate in generally?if You do,will never ask that questions anymore... 

But Meanwhile for today,we have tremendous opportunity to change vision and concept for the whole industry,its as a bright star future ,but today! And Dubai is the best to fit for that experiments!

Nov 30, 5:19PM EST0

Where is/will your platform be hosted physically?

Nov 29, 7:10AM EST0

at amazon,that is best platform for this date

Nov 29, 9:06AM EST0

What is the future of Dubai digital city given the increasing insecurities in the MiddleEast.

Nov 28, 1:03PM EST0

Blockchain technology promises to create an immutable set of transactions that cannot be forged or duplicated. As a result, any information technology transaction using blockchain gains the added benefit of effective cybersecurity.

 It will give rise to the new internet era and transform the financial system. It is the disruptor of every industry and could change the world. Its touted benefits may include lower cost, risk, and capital requirements, faster transactions, more transparency and reliability, improved privacy, and unparalleled security, to name a few. In fact, my colleagues recently laid out their thoughts on unlocking the blockchain’s potential value for the public sector. Not bad for an idea that’s only eight years old.

Blockchain’s ability to generate unprecedented opportunities to create and trade value in society will lead to a generational shift from an internet of information to a new-generation internet of value. This ability is based on the way blockchain leverages a global peer-to-peer network to guarantee integrity of the value exchanged among billions of devices without the need for trusted third parties.

That why Dubai- UAE - Middle East recognized that potentiality and use it ,before any others even not think about...

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Nov 28, 2:58PM EST0


Nov 28, 4:32AM EST0

Hi if its any particular questions?

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Nov 28, 5:38AM EST0

How many people are in your team?

Nov 27, 8:49PM EST0

we are global  and think globally,during this conversation hard work running almost non stop mode :

in Dubai as construction ,where team with 55 people+++ (almost all are expats);

in New York where is head of ICO ,legal team,advisors,programmers, marketeers,etc;

In Ukraine IT team with 15 people creating digital part of this platform;

Russia creating for us super team for the crowdfunding ICO  and so on...anyone, anytime,more than  welcome with their unique abilities to help  us on rewarding base...but must to be fit to our requirements too...

PM us to telegram:   or chat

Nov 27, 9:15PM EST0

How long have you been in business?

Nov 27, 5:07PM EST0

15 years as RE developers in Dubai, up to 49 years team's combine experience in international Real Estate,Development,Construction,Investment,Financial,IT,Marketing,

Advisory and we domesticly incorporated, licensed ,bonded,insured.

Nov 27, 5:28PM EST0

Do you have your own digital currency for real estate or you support cryptos to buy/sell real estate?

Nov 27, 4:54PM EST0

we would be create our own cryptocurrency call DRD token base on Ethereum,mining process would be start simultaneously with ICO,by end of last month after finish ICO all contibutors would be receive equal amount of token base on their rewards(discounts or etc) schedule(all those would be announced prior on official website (under construction)or so on)

few hedge funds and serious private investors already interesting with our project,because its combination of REAL+SOLID+UP TO DATE+HIGHLY REWARDING CRYPTOOPPORTUNITY ,but we would like to give equal opportunity for all contributors :small or big its no matter!

and some restriction on preICO and early ICO stage may apply for maximum amount contributions (one contributor cannot make more than $100K , minimum  is $10)

Note: US residents cannot participate on token sale yet,but we working on it! They only can buy discounted RE from us with any legal form and convinient method of payments,most cryptocurrencies is legit in USA.

Or US residents freely can buy DRDT on secondary cryptomarket.

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Nov 27, 5:20PM EST0

Did you fund the platform yourself?

Nov 27, 1:46PM EST0

Yes currently we working on our own resources(work,cryptos,money),for make all progress faster and more solid we need more funds and that why going to ICO.

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Nov 27, 2:04PM EST0

You say to avoid the middle man, aren’t you the middle man in that case?

Nov 27, 8:17AM EST0

we not charging super%%% commissions,like in some deals there multiple parties is involve (2-3-5 brokers,lawyers,title agencies ,etc -all of those not working for free) and that process can be delay from week(s) up to few months! ,we provide fair% for  transactions ,fast, secure ,transparent environment,base on blockchain smart contracts,which are executed that deal from few minutes up to few days...

and don't forget sometimes we have 5 brokers, which can involve from sellers side alone...(experience)

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Nov 27, 8:30AM EST0

Why did you decide to start with Dubai?

Nov 27, 7:49AM EST0

perfect question!

We are 15y. successful RE developers there;

we are in perfect market nishe-affordable Residential RE,which is always popular in the market ,even during global 2008-2011 crisis;

Dubai is Very Famous brand today: NoTax,No Crime,No Hurricanes and many more you can see this:  Dubai video

Dubai like expats and welcome good people today like use to be USA,but many,many  years ago;

Dubai is first World's city, which is become fully  Digital City by 2020-Concept 2020,Our Major achievement to present Global fully functional Dubai ReDev platform on Expo in Dubai 2020;

Dubai its almost little heaven for  newest technologies and live.

Nov 27, 8:17AM EST0

How do you guarantee security for your clients?

Nov 27, 7:43AM EST0

that is would be guarantee by domestic law,(Dubai as example: we cannot execute any property before we not 100% build and pass all requirements according the state,we cannot touch any funds before that too,it's all on escrow...

after Globalize our platform we'll closely work with assigned authorities and attorneys for bring that domestic requirements and security  to the platform:per country,per state,per city

deal cannot be executed ,if some issues would be happen in any case,buyer don't loose the money- they go to the escrow,seller do not loose his property ,smart contracts would be control that all.

Nov 27, 8:40AM EST0

Do you do everything in-house or you outsource some of the work?

Nov 27, 5:45AM EST0

we are global  and think globally,during this conversation hard work running almost non stop mode :

in Dubai as construction ,where team with 55 people+++ (almost all are expats);

in New York where is head of ICO ,legal team,advisors,programmers, marketeers,etc;

In Ukraine IT team with 15 people creating digital part of this platform;

Russia creating for us super team for the crowdfunding ICO  and so on...anyone, anytime,more than  welcome with their unique abilities to help  us on rewarding base...but must to be fit to our requirements too...

PM us to telegram:   or chat

Nov 27, 8:53AM EST0

Will the platform facilitate the process from initial investment to building and selling property or just selling finished properties?

Nov 27, 3:30AM EST0

On this picture you can see our current developing project process.

just selling finished properties for now,but You have an opportunity to get that discounted from market price,from us directly(for now,but from anyone in the  future),we build ,we own,we control...this Platform is help to avoid any middleman,make transactions faster,secure,easier,basically in any  currency plus major cryptocyrrency.

Nov 27, 5:00AM EST0