AMA about $AVECOIN , Zero Waste , and Civic Ecology

John Bushe'
Feb 11, 2018

Inspired by nature, and made necessary by the city of Austin, Texas’ struggle to reach their zero-waste goal, Zero Waste applies bio-mimicry ideas in order to reach a more sustainable, zero-waste future. In order to make their zero-waste goals on time, the city needed a way to manage their solid waste assets, and a network of businesses and projects was created.

Zero Waste performs trash analysis for interested businesses by gathering data for one month on dumpster usage. After the data is collected, Zero Waste helps businesses find the correct dumpster size for their business, and arranges for the dumpster to be emptied only when it is full, as collecting trash whether or not the dumpster is full is one of the biggest inefficiencies in the solid waste industry.

Businesses save money on their trash collection costs, become more aware of the types of trash that they produce, and will reward correct behavior with tokens. Zero Waste has a year of exciting partnerships coming up, leading to what they believe will be wide-scale adoption before the year is over.

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Which country/state according to you can be called as a forerunner for the zero-waste concept?

Feb 13, 1:45PM EST0

How was the reception among the companies and government organizations when you first approached them with the concept?

Feb 13, 12:51PM EST0

How difficult is to make people understand the concept of zero-waste?

Feb 13, 12:25PM EST0

How do you think the awareness about reusing and recycling has increased among the general people?

Feb 13, 10:33AM EST0

Is the government offering financial assistance and funding for zero waste movements?

Feb 9, 11:41AM EST0

Yes.  The city of Austin, for example, offers a $5000 rebate for implementing a Zero Waste program because the whole city adoptedd the municipal goal.

Feb 12, 12:38PM EST0

How would you promote a zero waste lifestyle to a very busy and always on-the-go person?

Feb 9, 6:15AM EST0

You have to design your system for you.    Start with a nice reusable mug, or bottle with a lid, and stop buying plastic!   T

REDUCE first,

Reuse (reusable cup)


Landfill last

Feb 12, 12:37PM EST0

Do you still personally support companies or stores that sell products and services that aren’t friendly to the environment?

Feb 9, 3:13AM EST0

IF they would like to transform, save money, reduce carbon, and increase efficiency.   If these companies don't do it, their competition will.

Feb 12, 12:37PM EST0

What are the basic steps one can start with if he wants to live a zero waste lifestyle?

Feb 8, 2:48PM EST0

Do you offer seminars and workshops for business owners and their staff who want to move towards zero waste?

Feb 7, 10:56PM EST0

Absolutely we are very experienced trainers.  Cities like Austin, Dallas, and Forth Worth have paid us to train them. 

Feb 8, 8:35PM EST0

What are the main steps to be taken towards a future with zero waste cities?

Feb 6, 2:59PM EST0

Get the businesses, and governments to adopt the goal and standards

Feb 6, 8:39PM EST0
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Why is recycling so important?

Feb 6, 12:25PM EST0

Reuse and composting are more important than recycling, which has not proven to be that profitable...

Feb 6, 8:39PM EST0

How do you make sure you educate and raise a community's awareness of an ecological lifestyle?

Feb 6, 10:53AM EST0

We trained the local muni waste managers and put on some events at first to start. 

Feb 6, 8:38PM EST0

Do you think that in the not too distant future the world population can achieve a zero waste lifestyle?

Feb 6, 9:09AM EST0

Yes..or darn close

Feb 12, 12:39PM EST0

Are you performing services locally or internationally?

Feb 6, 8:45AM EST0

locally at first but if you have a BETA we can give it a whirl.   Email us a waste bill at

Feb 6, 8:37PM EST0

How do you perform the analysis, which programs do you use and what input data is required?

Feb 5, 6:42AM EST0

We need to see the bill, and monitor the containers for a month.   A photo before pickup for a month would be sufficient to for our BETA.  Email waste bill to to save $ on your waste bill and get a 1000 SAVECOINS if your business qualifies.

Feb 6, 4:22PM EST0

What are your future goals?

Feb 5, 4:46AM EST0

Zero waste is our favorite goal. 

Feb 6, 4:21PM EST0

we are manually doing our BETA tests with Hotels, and event centers.  We would  like our sensors and iot devices to eventually automate the process

Feb 6, 8:38PM EST0

What sort of interest are you getting so far for the pre-sale

Feb 5, 4:12AM EST0

Definetely lots of folk want to buy the token, but we have not pulled trigger.  We plan on Feb 16

Feb 6, 3:40PM EST0

we are getting traction but could use more ambassadors

Feb 6, 4:20PM EST0

How did you transition from your main activity to having an ICO?

Feb 4, 6:52PM EST0

Sounds like we are doing a PRE (Insert word choice here) and airdrop, then later something compliant.

Feb 6, 3:09PM EST0

We are still finalizing details and talking to lawyers

Feb 6, 3:09PM EST0

Why is Zero Waste important for businesses? How they can benefit?

Feb 4, 9:15AM EST0

Lower costs, increase efficiency, lower carbon, green jobs, improve moral, and get a green marketing edge for starters!  Triple bottom line action:  $$$$$$$$$$$$ave

Feb 6, 3:07PM EST0

What is the story of your company? How many people work for Zero Waste and how are they selected?

Feb 3, 5:43AM EST0

We started out training governments based on the curriculum of Gary Liss & Associates who wrote Austin's plan.    We then worked towards holes (or gaps), and went through some incubators till we figured out the business stuff. 

Feb 6, 3:05PM EST0

We have at least businesses that are founders, advisors, etc.  People are starting to interview that are interested in working for Savecoin.    Email if you are interested in helping.

Feb 6, 3:06PM EST0
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