Jun 17, 2018

I'm the owner of a Bitcoin ATM locator site in Australia. AMA about Bitcoin ATMs, cryptocurrency in Australia or cryptocurrency in general.

JamesR: It depends entirely on what the machine operator has it set as. Some ATMs use an average price of several different exchanges, whilst some will just use the exchange rate from one exchange such as btcmarkets.net

Ask me Anything About RChain Blockchain platform.

RChain cooperative: blockchain can be utilized by all types of companies. Blockchain is basically a behemoth of a data spreadsheet operating in a decentralized network. Massive amounts of information can be transmitted and appended without compromises in security. No on…
May 28, 2018

Ask me anything about Oceanlab, our actual blockchain projects and our future evolution in the smart contracts/oracles area. #Oceanlab $OCL #blockchain #oracle #WavesPlatform #community #AMA #28thMay

Oceanlab: All three projects make it easy to create tokens (smart tokens) but the waves platform is a rich, diverse and powerful ecosystem that has much more to offer such as: - A decentralized exchange A multiple currency decentralized wallet that can contain…
Jun 24, 2018

AMA: Is the Crypto Market About To Crash?

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